3rd Communication – April 30, 2015

Hello Neuropterists!

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Thanks to all of you who have followed up through this process and are about to take a trip to Mexico.  We will all meet in only little more than ten days.  At this time, we would like to give you an updated schedule of activities and a few more tips and pieces of information.  You will be staying at the Radisson Paraiso Hotel Mexico City, however if you simply say, “I am going to the Radisson Hotel in Periferico Sur”, it might suffice (they sell taxi tickets on the basis of distance).  Remember to buy a taxi ticket inside the airport at the specific counters.  You may wish to add “in front of Centro Comercial Perisur”, and there is no doubt about where you are going; it is a pretty well known hotel in the southern part of Mexico City.


Schedule of Activities

Updated Program in Brief
May 12th (Tuesday)

10:00 AM–6:00 PM.
Registration, welcome words, formal inauguration, keynote conference, lunch, talks.  At the botanical garden.

6:30 PM.
Mixer at hotel.

May 13th (Wednesday)

10:00 AM–6:00 PM.
Oral presentations, lunch, oral presentations, posters set up.

(with coffee breaks).

6:30–9:00 PM.
Dinner on your own in Coyoacán

(nearby town southern Mexico City), or return to hotel.


May 14th (Thursday)

10:00 AM–6:00 PM.
Oral presentations, lunch, posters, plenary meeting.

6:30–9:00 PM. 
Dinner on your own in Tlalpan (nearby town southern Mexico City), or return to hotel.


May 15th (Friday)

10:00 AM–4:00 PM.
Short excursion to Teotihuacán pyramids (north of Mexico City), with lunch. Return to hotel.

06:00 PM–9:00 PM.
Dinner at Hacienda de Tlalpan, southern Mexico City.  Farewell.


May 16th (Saturday)

09:00 AM.
Departure to field excursion to Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz.


May 17th –19th (Sunday–Tuesday).

Field excursion in Los Tuxtlas.


May 20th (Wednesday)

09:00 AM.
Returning trip to Mexico City.

07:00 PM
Stop at main hotel and final good bye.

Additional information and tips

About length of the oral presentations, they will be 25 minutes long (we recommend 20 minutes of talk plus 5 minutes for questions).  Remember that there will be plenty of time for conversation and exchange of information.  We also recommend that you bring your talk in Power Point in a USB storage device, so that we can concentrate all the talks on the first day (we will have a person with a laptop computer doing that).  If some of you have not registered yet, there will be a terminal for credit card payment or you may also pay in cash (preferentially USD).

About weather, in the city and in the field station (Los Tuxtlas), it will be on the warm side, a regular shirt or T-shirt might suffice, however a light jacket is advisable for the city as temperature might be slightly cool at night.  Also, scattered rains might occur, particularly in Los Tuxtlas, so a light rain jacket is also advisable.  We might be able to provide some alcohol for preservation of specimens (including some absolute alcohol), yet, be sure to bring all or most of your specific needs for collecting.  In the field, it is advisable to wear light clothes, preferentially regular pants (not shorts), as well as long sleeves to avoid sunburn and sporadic mosquito bites.  You may wish to bring insect repellent, there may be ticks as this is the end of dry season, so avoiding too much direct exposure to vegetation might be desirable. 

Be sure to bring a hat, also for the short excursion to the pyramids.  The station will provide towels and bedclothes, as well as bathroom tissue, however you all should bring soap and other personal hygiene amenities (shampoo, shaving foam, etc.).  We will have two or three set ups for lights (e.g., sheets and lights), however a couple of lights easy to carry might be useful additions for the group. There are electric outlets for nearby collecting, close to the station with extension cables, and we will have a generator, and one or two rechargeable 12 v batteries, any additional easy to carry sources of power might be useful. 

Finally, a bottle or container (e.g., a plastic bottle) might be useful in the city, as well as in the field.  We will provide drinkable water at the meetings, yet, as we walk either in the city or in the field, you may wish to carry your own water.  Of course, there is drinkable water at the station.  By the way, drinking alcohol is not allowed at the field station because of university regulations (yet, there may be an option to go out to a nearby community in the event a group wishes to do so in one of the evenings).

Have a good trip, see you all soon.